Meta Activities

The Meta Activities

To live in Meta is to live Meta through one's Art, one's activity, one's family, one's environment, in order to access the inner Truth.

To be in Meta is a continual deepening, the evolution is permanent, far from therapies or cognitive techniques, it is an unlimited growth.

When the We surpasses the I, then the doors open. However, words set limits and never reflect what the experience can procure.

The Meta labeled are volunteers in the associations La Vie en Meta® and L'Art O'Village®.
Vous pouvez les découvrir en visitant leurs sites respectifs.

La Vie en Meta® organises meetings with Meta Activities volunteers.
To learn more, visit the website.

L’Art O’Village® proposes meetings around Art in all its forms, highlighting creativity as a treasure in everyone.
To learn more, visit the website.