Meta Meditation® is more than a moment of well-being :

It is among all a tool to harmonise the body, the soul and the spirit to overcome one's difficulties of the moment, in order to be free oneself from them.

Meta allows us, as we practice meditation, to get access to another vision. The practice of meditation brings us inner peace and detachment to help take a step back from our life, or even our place in the world.

Accompanied with Meta Music®, a meditation session helps you naturally balance your energy centers and gradually become aware of them. Each session of Meta Meditation® brings you what is good and right for you in the present moment.

Through the awareness of your breath, you do nothing and your body becomes a big ear, all your senses awaken until merge into the music.

The more you work in Meta, the more your consciousness frees itself from the patterns of life that enclose you. Your freedom comes from your ability to change your vision and take height.

Meditation requires a regular practice that brings you a moment of sweetnessin your daily life, a opportunity to concentrate on the essentiala pause between you and yourself.

Participate in collective sessions will help you densify and canalise the energy of the body, mind and spirit. It is initially easier to meditate together, carried by the energy known as collective. Being an actor in this world, you bring your originality by learning through the testimonies of other participants.

The Meta labeled transmits what you have naturally within you, and little by little you discover all the potential you can transmit in your own turn.

Discover or deepen Meta Meditation®

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